Dev Pirates


Matthew Nixon


Screen shots
[Title screen][Game screen][Cut scene][Using special weapon][Help screen]
[Fighting regular enemies][Cut scene][Fighting a boss][Using a special weapon]

[Ryde][Dev Pirates]

[Ryde objects][Enemies Zone 1][Enemies Zone 2]

Concept Art

[Ryde Trailer]

Game play
[Game play video]


Demo [Link]
Full game [Not out yet] 2017-02-09


Billions of evil alien jerks are heading to Earth to destroy it, thankfully Earth has one last hope to save the entire universe: one prototype ship. How lucky is that? And you’re the pilot with the fate of the known universe on his/her shoulders.

You pilot the Ryde ship, Earths last and only hope. To make things worse, the ship wasnt exactly finished, but it somehow is able to get upgrades from the evil alien jerks themselves for some reason. You only have once chance to save Earth, but your ship can take a few hits. Aside from the upgrading the main weapon, missiles will help take out the enemies, as well as utilizing the special special weapons. Nothing is random, there is no luck. So good luck.


Try out the controls by playing in the [?] help screen
Nothing is random (except some visual effects and in the help screen)
Touch and slide from anywhere on the screen to maneuver the ship
Collect gun upgrades to shoot more and stronger bullets
Collect missile power ups to shoot either really strong or homing missiles
Collect several special weapons to use when things get too hairy
Several different kinds of unique enemies and bosses
A bunch of cut scenes


This is a concept that was thought up by Aaron Nixon way back in the early 90’s. The idea was to make a side scrolling shooter much like other space shooters of the time, but in a way that there is no randomness to the game. If you played through it exactly the same way, the same things would happen. Every shot and movement that occurs only changes based on how the player plays the game. And all that sounded good to us at the time.

After spending a lot of time with many a failed project, Matt decided to take a serious crack at making a game. He took this idea and expanded it into a pretty crappy game design. It was started with writing a brand new, written from scratch game engine for Android, but without using OpenGL. The first game engine couldn\'t keep up, so instead of fixing the issues, we rewrote the engine again from scratch around OpenGL, which made things a lot better all around, but took time. With OpenGL and all that it offered, we got the dumb idea to put in cut scenes that took a long time to make and everyone seems to just skip past them anyway. We still hopes that someone will appreciate the cut scenes.

We stuck to the original idea of removing randomness from the game except for some visual effects.


Game Concept: Aaron Nixon
s Voice: Pete Nixon
Artist: Joe Nixon

Graphics, Design, Programming, Music, Level Design:
Matt Nixon

Release date: